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RibzWear- Without a doubt one of our favorite new pieces of gear in the last few years. It holds all your needed "Mandatory Gear" up front where so you can get to it quickly for those pesky "gear checks". The Ribz come in several colors like  Alpineglow Orange, Alpine Green, Granite Gray, Stealth Black and Raptor Camo.
SUUNTO M-9 - This is a great wrist compass. It's so much easier to figure out your direction by just looking down. Our only dig on this model is that the arrow doesn't glow, the baseplate does. It makes it harder to see direction at night.
Bike Lights- Believe it or not they are not just for bike legs. We use ours for trekking legs as well. This model puts out about 650 lumens for several hours. We use it as a spotlight when we are close to a CP location. This lamp really lights up the night. Bring a back up battery and leave it on the bike, so you'll have a fresh one on the ride!
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